Three Huge Games In 2012

Hey guys what’s going on?! Happy new year! I’m really happy to be a gamer at this moment in time and I’m really happy to be able to give you guys my thoughts during this time! So I’m going to be blogging about my top 3 games —that i know of— of 2012. So here we go!

Mass Effect 3: ME3 is going to be a great game. I’ve been playing ME games for years and I’m really glad that it’s coming to an end. It’s coming to an end and I have no idea how it is going to be doing so. And that’s a part of the cool thing about it. I haven’t read a whole lot into the lore about ME3 although I’ve played both ME games that have already come out and I have downloaded every single DLC that has been made for them. So I do know a lot about what could be happening and what couldn’t because I have a little insight, but I have only the insight that the devs wanted me to have via the games.

The reason this is going to be such a good game is that the combat has been made to be even more bomb-tastic and for people who loved to get up-close-and-personal like myself, I now have cooler ways of finished off enemies instead of just pumping more bullets into them. Also from what I’ve gathered so far, you get a lot more options with your character like ME1 and the RPG element has really come back because they took some of the true RPG elements out of ME2.

This game has been years and years in the making and the story rules and if you haven’t played ME, i totally recommend that you do so.

Heart Of The Swarm: Now i know that this isn’t really a game as it is an expansion, but I still consider this a game. the amount of content that blizzard expansions contain is sometimes more than triple a titles have in their entire game! starcraft 2 is an amazing game and was my game of 2010. that game had everything from a great campaign to a great multiplayer. some people would ask me well…isn’t that everything? how can you have a great single player and a great multiplayer and have more?! well let me tell you!

This game has also given you an editor, and been made into some of the most creative and awesome custom maps you have ever played. the game also has a replay saver which allows you to commentate over your content or someone else’s and allows you to save every single one so you can see what the other guy did and allow for better improving of your game. the community is also amazing, as it’s the most watched game on twitch and i also enjoy it very much when it is streamed on mlg.

blizzard makes some of the best games and that’s why it’s going to also be a part of my 3rd game that i’m most excited for in 2012!

Diablo 3: anyone who is anyone has played diablo or diablo 2. it’s just the way it is. i’ve logged in over 1000 hours playing diablo and diablo 2. diablo 2 was my game of choice for many many many a year. i know everything there is to know about diablo and my girlfriend even got me the book of cain for christmas! great read if you haven’t read it and are a diablo fan!

Diablo and blizzard games are known for having a great community as well, and you check out their community on the diablo 3 fan site which is updated daily on cool stuff that comes out with the media via blizzard. you can also check out some great fan art.

diablo has awesome characters, awesome villans, awesome gameplay, and is so addicting – you’ll find yourself playing til the sun comes out and not even realize it! diablo 3 is going to be more of the same awesome sauce stuff that we except out of every blizzard game and they keep delivering on their games.

Well that does it for my top 3 games of 2012! what are yours and why are is it so hard to choose a top 3?!