Why Coming Up With New Characters Is So Hard

You know a lot of people look at video games and tell me that they could make a video game better than that in a week. and i tell them that they are full of shit. and this is why…


just the fact of making a character is so hard. i am a part of a team right now, building a game that has to do with ancient mythology and i have the job of character development – it’s a lot harder than you would think. here is a list of things that make it so:


Name: the name of your character could be fast and easy. you can name your character after a greek or roman god, or even make the lead character one of the gods that already exist. easy peasy lemon squeezy. OR. you can do it the right way. you make your own character with it’s own name. you can’t really name your character Bill or George, although you could. Your character would really stand out and not be a part of the time period that you are going for. you have to come up with your characters name that will be a part of the setting, such as Altis or Mallaci – something that will resonate with ancient greek/roman mythology. that gets difficult if you want every single name original and you have over 100 characters in your game.


Skills: when you develop a game, you really get to appreciate the other games that get released. you appreciate the amount of the new content that gets released with each new game. it’s really hard to come up with new skills for a character. sure, you can go the boring way and just make it 3-6 skills names strength, archery etc…or you can come up with awesome names that are relevant and make your character and your game, unique. once you have them down, you must cooperate with other people on the team because you have to figure out a good way to level up these skills to make them balanced. a game where one skill is way overused because it is so overpowered, clearly means the team did not spend enough time making their game balanced. now that you have them balanced, you must figure out what they look like! this can be anything from symbols and shortcuts, to how it actually looks once you execute your move. you may think this is easy, but try and come up with a unique way for your character to use a “charge” attack, or something that has been done about 10 times before…pretty tough.


Background: the background, or story about your character can be anything from nothing at all (see amnesia in RPG games) or pivotal to the story (see every other RPG game). the amount of detail in your character’s story comes from other parts of the game itself, but the majority of the ideas come from me, the character developer. at least it does in my job with the limited number of devs that we have.


Look: the look of your character is very important. you want to make them stand out, but not become the entire focus of the game or environment. you want them to look fantastic, but not overpower everything else in the game. the look about your character can change with different equipment too, which is a whole other problem you may run into. does equipping new equipment change the look of your character only during battles or does it always effect him/her? does changing equipment change the fighting stance of your character, if so, how? there are a lot more questions to answer…and even more to ask.


These are just some of the many problems you may face coming up with new characters for a video game. It’s not as easy as I thought it was when I started…good thing I’m so dedicated!


Three Huge Games In 2012

Hey guys what’s going on?! Happy new year! I’m really happy to be a gamer at this moment in time and I’m really happy to be able to give you guys my thoughts during this time! So I’m going to be blogging about my top 3 games —that i know of— of 2012. So here we go!

Mass Effect 3: ME3 is going to be a great game. I’ve been playing ME games for years and I’m really glad that it’s coming to an end. It’s coming to an end and I have no idea how it is going to be doing so. And that’s a part of the cool thing about it. I haven’t read a whole lot into the lore about ME3 although I’ve played both ME games that have already come out and I have downloaded every single DLC that has been made for them. So I do know a lot about what could be happening and what couldn’t because I have a little insight, but I have only the insight that the devs wanted me to have via the games.

The reason this is going to be such a good game is that the combat has been made to be even more bomb-tastic and for people who loved to get up-close-and-personal like myself, I now have cooler ways of finished off enemies instead of just pumping more bullets into them. Also from what I’ve gathered so far, you get a lot more options with your character like ME1 and the RPG element has really come back because they took some of the true RPG elements out of ME2.

This game has been years and years in the making and the story rules and if you haven’t played ME, i totally recommend that you do so.

Heart Of The Swarm: Now i know that this isn’t really a game as it is an expansion, but I still consider this a game. the amount of content that blizzard expansions contain is sometimes more than triple a titles have in their entire game! starcraft 2 is an amazing game and was my game of 2010. that game had everything from a great campaign to a great multiplayer. some people would ask me well…isn’t that everything? how can you have a great single player and a great multiplayer and have more?! well let me tell you!

This game has also given you an editor, and been made into some of the most creative and awesome custom maps you have ever played. the game also has a replay saver which allows you to commentate over your content or someone else’s and allows you to save every single one so you can see what the other guy did and allow for better improving of your game. the community is also amazing, as it’s the most watched game on twitch and i also enjoy it very much when it is streamed on mlg.

blizzard makes some of the best games and that’s why it’s going to also be a part of my 3rd game that i’m most excited for in 2012!

Diablo 3: anyone who is anyone has played diablo or diablo 2. it’s just the way it is. i’ve logged in over 1000 hours playing diablo and diablo 2. diablo 2 was my game of choice for many many many a year. i know everything there is to know about diablo and my girlfriend even got me the book of cain for christmas! great read if you haven’t read it and are a diablo fan!

Diablo and blizzard games are known for having a great community as well, and you check out their community on the diablo 3 fan site which is updated daily on cool stuff that comes out with the media via blizzard. you can also check out some great fan art.

diablo has awesome characters, awesome villans, awesome gameplay, and is so addicting – you’ll find yourself playing til the sun comes out and not even realize it! diablo 3 is going to be more of the same awesome sauce stuff that we except out of every blizzard game and they keep delivering on their games.

Well that does it for my top 3 games of 2012! what are yours and why are is it so hard to choose a top 3?!

My thoughts on Skyrim after 100 hours

I have a lot of thoughts on Skyrim. Some are pretty good and some aren’t. I wish I could say nothing but great things about the game but I just can’t. I wish I could…really.

First I’m going to tackle all the good things about it:

Graphics: The look of the game is fantastic. Sometimes in my videos I will just look at the sky and comment on how beautiful it looks. Other times I will just look at enemies for a while and check out the detail that they have. The towns all have their unique look and feel to them. They all look so different that you can tell which town you are in just by looking at a certain building and knowing what kind of architecture that city uses. All the weapons and armor in the game look amazing and even some of the items in the game are worth zooming in and looking at. It’s really beautiful.

Sound: The sounds of Skyrim…oh how they woo me. You can easily hear everything that’s important to hear, and muffle everything that’s not. In my sound menu I have the footsteps lowered so I can hear enemies yelling or wolves howling better. I also have the voice option higher because of everything that is said in the game can potentially lead you to a new area you have not discovered yet. If you just listen to a conversation, sometimes they will talk about a den or something that you haven’t heard of yet and it marks it on your map. Simply amazing. The spells and dragons all sound fantastic, they really did a great job with the sound.

Content: The sheer amount of content in the game is astounding. The amount of things to do in Skyrim can lead you astray from real life for hours. I found myself 2 hours deep in the task of getting all my homes situated just how I wanted them. I put everything where I wanted it to go, when I can’t even bring myself to do that in real life! My girlfriend hates me lol The amount of quests you can get in Skyrim can overwhelm you, but never seem to overwhelm you to the point of which you stop playing because it becomes too much. All the quests are easily differentiated and all of the misc quests go into one pile. Things like fetching quests or killing a group of bandits for gold are all grouped into one. You can pick out these quests one by one and do them which is amazing. Map markers help too. Some of the misc quests develop into larger ones, which is just one more way the game exceeded my expectations.

Leveling: The way you level up has been done before. The way they have perfected it just amazes me though. The more you use one handed weapons, the more one handed skill goes up. Simple enough. But instead of getting a little better with one handed weapons, you reach skill levels and you get to assign perk points to increase one handed attacks more impact-fully. For instance, once you get to level 35 in one handed (it goes to 100) you get to chose a perk on a perk tree to increase your sword, mace, or dagger damage. From there, you can go further up the tree depending on where you put your perks. You get one perk point to every level you gain. Playing only for 20 hours will get you to about level 20 which gives you a lot of gratifying choices, but slows down after that so you don’t become a powerhouse too early. There are exploits, which I highlight in some of my videos, but other than that it’s really fun to level up your character.

Quests: Now here is where I start to go into things that worked and some that didn’t. Some quests are bugged. Yup…bugged to the point to where you can’t go any further in that quest. I’m not talking about quests that are bugged in the sense of where they just award you with the quest completed or whatever, I’m talking about the quest is broken. In one of my videos, the character wouldn’t talk to me at all once I had completed her task, therefor not letting me continue on with the quest at all. It’s really disappointing that all of the quests, even though there are a lot of them, don’t let you complete them or always run smoothly. Some people have commented on my videos about how they have doors that won’t open, or items that won’t be there. Maybe they are missing something, but the majority of them have real issues.

Dragons: Although they are cool and deadly and awesome to look at, the dragons just are a nuisance after a while. You get plenty of souls to absorb and use as powers, and you get enough dragon scales and dragon bones to last you a lifetime. But after a while, the fights are all the same as you shout at them to knock them down and hammer away at them. I’m at level 60 right now and my character doesn’t die at all from any dragon, even the toughest of them. Maybe I’m really strong with too much health, or maybe they just don’t do enough damage. I’m not sure, but what I DO know is that I find myself running away from them most of the time. Sometimes they come into towns and kill people, and sometimes they just annoy you to the point of which you can’t fast travel away from the area so you have to chase them down to kill them because they just hover in the sky.

I’ll update this post with more thoughts on what is good and bad about Skyrim.