Why Kongregate Rules

For those of you who don’t know what Kongregate is, it’s a website “www.kongregate.com”

“Kong” is awesome because it’s full of games. They are awesome. well, most of them are anyway. from “bloons tower defense” or “protector V”, there are a ton of options for anyone who wants to game a little bit or a lotta bit.

lets talk about some of the great games! and i’m not going to name specific games, but if you want to leave a comment about a certain type of game and we can talk about it, or go check out the website and see how awesome it is! and when i talk about a genre just know that i’m well aware that i know that there are terrible games that are rated very low. i’m talking about the highly rated games and the most popular. ok? cool. glad we got that squared away 🙂

Tower Defense: in a tower defense game, you build towers that shoot enemies that go along paths, or paths that you make via your towers. towers can include towers, people, robots, monkeys, or basically anything you want to make them! it’s based on the game. towers are the general name given to them. these games are awesome because they give you the opportunity to make some sort of strategy and use it depending on what the map is. you can make the paths have teleports or even make the enemies have to carry something back so they go through the paths twice. you can add insane difficulty depending on what kind of game you want to make this. it’s one of my favorite types of games to play because in most games you can upgrade your towers or choose to build new ones. tons of strategy involved.

Action: action games are like platform games or games where you control a character and go out exploring. these games on kong are awesome because most of the time they are small, 5 hour pieces of heaven – like mini Zelda games. and that’s where the beauty of kong really shines. you’re able to get into a game that may not take days to complete, only a dedicated sit down session. it’s really fun to learn little bits of lore about a small game that the dev might have wanted you to know or learn mini combos or something like that. with even mediocre writing, most of these games can be really good.

Point-And-Click: a lot of people may not enjoy these games, and I can see why. some “PAC” games can get way too difficult way too fast or for no good reason. i’m going to tell you how to make a good PAC game the way i would want to play it. first, you can’t make the items that you have to click on to gather into your inventory too small and you can’t make them too hard to click on: such as a small pebble on the bottom of the screen that looks like all the other pebbles and your mouse pointer has to be JUST right to be able to pick it up. also, with no hints that you even need that pebble also sucks because you’ll be 4 screens away and realize that you needed that pebble and you may forget that it was even there in the first place. second, dragging items around sucks. it can’t be that hard (i don’t know for sure) to code into your game that if you click on something it goes right into your inventory or if you click on something from your inventory it’s ready to use. third, you can’t make it too long. most people who play PAC games don’t want to play your game for more than 20 minutes, and if it’s longer than 20 minutes the items in your inventory can get overloaded and items can sometimes stay in your inventory far too long.

Puzzles: puzzle games on kong will blow your mind. there are numbers, color, shapes and all other kinds of puzzle games to choose from. some of the puzzle games are so elaborate that the average person can’t even complete them. I’ve gotten frustrated beyond belief plenty of times and have straight up quit playing because these games are so hard. but that’s a good thing. sometimes a flash game isn’t meant to be completed. or it’s meant to challenge us to the point of where you HAVE to keep up with the difficulty to keep learning and challenging yourself. I’m not mad at these games, i’m actually floored by these games and by these devs who come up with these puzzles who can get the best of me.

WOOOO long post, and 3 more to go!

Shooters: shooting games run the table. any game that you put a gun or a bow and arrow in a someone’s or something’s hand is a shooter. so you can imagine the amount of shooting games available. even if you aren’t a fan of shooters, there is a shooting game on kong that you will enjoy. there are insane first person shooters with intricate controls and there are fun, cute and little shooters that require far less skill. there are even games on kong that play just like Gallaga. how cool is that?! you really will find a shooting game that you will enjoy, even if it takes you a few tries to find the exact thing you’re looking for.

Music: music games are hit or miss for me. but you can’t go wrong with a really good game focused on music. whether it’s catching falling music notes or creating your own tune, there is something you can find with the type of music you love.

Multiplayer: multiplayer games are on kong! you have a sign in and you play via your sign in name on kong. these games can be fun strategy games such as games based on risk, battleship or even world of warcraft! you can play MMO type games on kong and it will track your progress. it’s really fun to talk smack to people on kong and play, or jump on with your friends and go kill stuff in another world. there are no shortages of great games on kongregate.

So there it is guys, my take on why kongregate is so cool. I totally recommend it for anyone looking to kill some time or even really good gamers looking for a challenge. and keep on going devs, i look forward to your awesome games and keep making them, because there are millions of gamers out there who enjoy your games….And I am clearly one of them!